Sackman, George 
Cumulative GPA: 0.00/4.00 with 2 evaluations
Presents Material Clearly: 0.00
Recognizes Student Difficulties: 1.00
Electrical Engineering Department, Cal Poly, SLO
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EE 228
Grade Earned: A
Required (Major)
9:10 am, Aug 11, 2005
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  This old guy was kind of amusing sometimes, but honestly I can't recommend him. His lectures are unclear, and overall I feel I didn't really learn much of value. It may be that I'm grading him particularly harshly because I'm a bit disgruntled: I learned more in a single office hour with DePiero than I did in weeks worth of lecture with Sackman. Sackman's poor ability to communicate is compounded by his lack of an office, which makes it difficult to get some one-on-one time to discuss class material with him. One last note: He doesn't grade on a curve.
EE 228
Grade Earned: N/A
Required (Support)
3:41 pm, May 23, 2005
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  This professor was absolutely no help, in or out of class. Furthermore, the book he chose to use for the learning of analog signals was worthless, even though it costs around $70. Sackman is a crap teacher. Avoid at all costs. He does not clarify student difficulties; his extent of explaining the concepts is, and I quote: "try it and see what you get." How are you supposed to try something that has not been adequately taught. I don't know what grade I'll get in this class, but most poeple got less than 60% on the midterm. When the class average is a D, you know something is wrong. Horrible Teacher, Avoid at all costs, even staying at poly another quarter, or death. Yes, he is worse than death. Cheers!

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